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Update IP address lists by May 16 to avoid service interruption to Yammer

Here’s a pretty important message from your friendly neighbourhood Office 365 Message Center which could require some IT Pro action in your organization/Clients tenancies:

On May 16, you may encounter issues if you haven’t updated IP address list filtering for Yammer.

If your organization restricts computers on your network from connecting to the Internet, we have a list of the URLs you should include in your outbound allow list to ensure your computers can successfully use Office 365. URL allow lists are the recommended approach due to the modern web architecture of Office 365. For guidance on how to best implement URL or IP allow lists, please work with the manufacturer of the hardware or software you use to protect your internet connection.

The full updated URLs and IP ranges are detailed here:

Enabling Yammer Access from Office 365 App Launcher

From the  Microsoft Enterprise Social Service Updates group on Yammer :

We’ve always held the view that Yammer is the future of team collaboration in Office 365, and to that end we’ve been hard at work to make it easier than ever to get started with Yammer from Office 365. Over the past months, we’ve made it possible for users to use their Office 365 credentials to sign in to Yammer, manage access to Yammer via Azure Active Directory, and — for organizations that choose Yammer as their default social experience in SharePoint Online — access Yammer from the Office 365 navigation bar.

Today we are simplifying the process to enable Yammer access from Office 365. As of April 19, 2015, the Yammer tile will show up in the Office 365 app launcher when your organization activates Yammer Enterprise. This is similar to how the Sites tile shows up in the app launcher for users with access to SharePoint.

Read on to find out if your organization needs to take additional steps in advance of this change:

  • If your organization has already activated Yammer Enterprise through the Office 365 admin portal as described here, there is no action required. Soon eligible users who are licensed for Yammer will start seeing the Yammer tile in their Office 365 app launcher.
  • If your organization selected Yammer as the default social experience through the SharePoint Online admin portal, the Yammer tile already shows up in the Office 365 app launcher for eligible users. However, your Office 365 admin will need to take the additional step of activating Yammer Enterprise through the Office 365 admin portal if they have not already done so. Without this additional step, the Yammer tile will no longer appear in the Office 365 app launcher for eligible users. Please see these step by step instructions to activate Yammer Enterprise through the Office 365 admin portal.

To understand more about the SharePoint social collaboration settings, click here.

  • If your organization wants Yammer as the Enterprise social collaboration experience, activate Yammer Enterprise through the Office 365 admin portal as described here.

Today’s update is an improvement on the existing process, aligned with our goal to make Yammer on by default for all eligible Office 365 customers in the future.