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Windows Internet Explorer Testing Center – IE10 FTW

For developers and consumers alike, successful W3C and Ecma International web standards are important for making the web better. A comprehensive test suite is an important part of a healthy standard, along with a clear specification and great implementations of the standard. Without thorough tests that assess the normative statements in a specification, a proposed standard is just a document on a website.

Any browser can claim to support some or all of a specification. The test results from a comprehensive test suite are the best way to determine which browsers will render the same markup consistently. Web developers have told us that seeing the test results, chapter-by-chapter, spec-by-spec, enables them to spend their valuable time building rich, interoperable web experiences for their customers.

We developed 75 new test cases and updated 168 test cases in conjunction with development of Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview. The IE Testing Center now offers a total of 7573 test cases. We continue to work closely with these two web standards organizations by submitting these test cases officially within each working group’s official process.

We welcome your continued feedback on the test cases using the appropriate W3C mailing list for each working group. For ES5 test cases please open bugs in the test262 bug database.

The first table below summarizes the test results by specification with Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview along with each of the major shipping browsers running on the Windows Release Preview. The second table at the bottom of this page provides links to each of the test cases we submitted to each appropriate working group to help the web become more interoperable.

Cross-browser Test Results Summary:

Web Standards Number of Submitted Tests Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview Mozilla Firefox 12 Opera 11.64 Apple Safari 5.1.7 Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 Internet Explorer 9
HTML5 326 99% 74% 64% 74% 89% 36%
SVG 1.1 2nd edition 74 100% 93% 93% 88% 97% 95%
CSS 236 100% 70% 59% 63% 66% 62%
DOM 127 100% 89% 85% 90% 94% 100%
Web Performance 28 96% 89% 0% 0% 89% 39%
Web Applications 464 99% 78% 42% 32% 54% 21%
JavaScript 6,318 100% 97% 99% 91% 100% 91%
Last updated: 5/31/2012