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Office Store validation policies updated to v1.3

Office Store validation policies updated to Version 1.3

I received this email today from the Office Store team:

“As we strive to make the Office Store a better experience for our developers and your customers we periodically revise the validation policies for apps for Office or SharePoint. We wanted to alert you to the recently updated validation policies. We also would recommend bookmarking the Validation policies page which is located here”

Validation policies for the apps submitted to the Office Store (version 1.3)

Latest Revisions are:

February 05, 2013 3.3 ADDED–Added policy 3.3
4.12 REVISED–Added that apps must support devices for Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013.
4.12 REVISED—Added supported operating systems, browsers and devices requirements information from validation guidelines FAQ.
5.7 REVISED–Clarified that apps must be secured with a valid and trusted SSL certificate (HTTPS).
5.8 ADDED–Added policy 5.8
7.12 REVISED–Added that this policy does not apply to dictionary apps.