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Concurrency Error with PSConfig

Patching SharePoint servers, you’ve probably run into the situation where you try to run PSConfig to upgrade a server and it fails on step three. Looking at the error logs, you’ll may see SPUpdatedConcurrencyException is the error that was thrown.

An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUpdatedConcurrencyExc
eption was thrown.  Additional exception information: An update conflict has occ
urred, and you must re-try this action. The object SPUpgradeSession Name=Upgrade
-20120917-101200-949 was updated by MYDOMAINspinstall, in the PSCONFIG (3540) pr
ocess, on machine SERVER1.  View the tracing log for more information about the

Total number of configuration settings run: 3
Total number of successful configuration settings: 2
Total number of unsuccessful configuration settings: 1
Successfully stopped the configuration of SharePoint Products.
Configuration of SharePoint Products failed.  Configuration must be performed be
fore you use SharePoint Products.  For further details, see the diagnostic log l
ocated at C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14LOGSPSCDiagnostics_9_17_2012_10_11_55_375_12483735.log

..and the application
event log.

There are a lot of entries on the web about this – lots of information about clearing out the SharePoint object cache; but that may not always work. What I’ve found that seems to correct the problem every time is to run this command on the offending server:

1. Open Administrative Command Prompt
2. Go to

c:Program FilesCommonMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14BIN

3. Execute the following:

stsadm –o setproperty –propertyname command-line-upgrade-running –propertyvalue no

This should clear the “an upgrade is in process” flag on the server. You should now be able to run your PSConfig as expected.