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SharePoint links add-on for Firefox

Found a nice little Firefox add-on, explores the idea of abstracting SharePoint-y navigation out of the website UI and into the browser. Works for SP 2007 and 2010 (not 2013):


The Sharepoint Administrator’s Toolbar will let you quickly access most of the locations in a Sharepoint Portal. It eliminates the need to use or display the Site Actions menu, and gives you a quicker navigation experience. You can navigate ANY Sharepoint portal with the same set of commands. You can “lock” the navigation to a particular root or a particular SCA. When you “lock” the navigation, it will always use that site, otherwise, it will use whatever site is currently loaded in the browser.

You will receive a popup if SPAdminToolbar thinks you are trying to use its functions on a page that isn’t Sharepoint. You can disable this in the options panel. Although SPAdminToolbar works with IETab2 and IETab+ (Coral), it does not work right with the plain IE Tab. Presently, plain IE Tab seems to have a few issues with SharePoint, anyway. I personally recommend using IETab2 with SharePoint – the only thing you can’t do (that I’ve found) is to rearrange the order of columns (IETab2) – that will crash Firefox every single time.

Also, please do note that navigation does not work correctly when navigating *out* of a wiki-library. I haven’t yet figured out how to discover if I am in one. As soon as I figure that out, I will fix it. This is a known bug. If you have ideas, comments, complaints, wish to make translations, or wish to contribute, please send an email to my address is in my user profile.