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Rename Team Foundation Server 2010 Team Project

So you plunk in a name for a new Team Foundation project in Visual Studio’s team explorer, and at some point thereafter have a requirement to change the name of the project.

Short and long of it- as far as my look-see has taken me, you can’t: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/554539/cant-rename-a-team-project-in-tfs-2010

You can however delete and start from scratch:

  1. Open the Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt window (found under Start > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 > Visual Studio Tools )
  2. Run the TFSDeleteProject utility using the following command line. TFSDeleteProject /Collection:<Collection Name> <YourTeamProjectName>
  3. Confirm delete by pressing Y and then press ENTER.

Full syntax is as follows:

Usage: TfsDeleteProject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] /collection:<url> <team project name>

Deletes the Team Project from Team Foundation. To use this command, you must bea member of either the Team Foundation Server Administrators group or a member of the Project Administrators group for the project you are deleting. Use this command with caution because after deleting the team project it cannot be recovered.

[/q] – Do not prompt for confirmation.
   [/force] – Continue even if some data cannot be deleted.
  [/excludewss] – Exclude the project’s SharePoint site when deleting the project. This option will leave site intact so that it remains for other projects that may be using it.
  /collection:<url> – The url for a Team Project Collection.
   <team project name> – The name of the project. Use quotes if there are spacesin the name.