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Extract DLL assemblies from the GAC via Mapped Drive

Sometimes we need to dig up DLL files from the depths of the Global Assembly Cache, for development purposes. Visual Studio project references may be missing and you may need those .DLL’s to get that sucker to compile. Viewing c:windowsassembly in explorer view presents a different experience than we normally get – this is for good reason so you don’t eviscerate your Windows system unintentionally.

For years, I’ve just used good ol’ DOS command line to copy out the DLL’s need individually. This is barbaric as the folder numbers are usually long strings of numbers and build versions – hard to type.  Just today I learned a super simple way to access the DLL’s through the standard explorer view:

  • Map a Network Drive (Explorer -> Tools)
    • Map to servernamefolder (YourServerC$WindowsAssembly)
  • No need for sharing if you are the Administrator
  • Browse to the drive and the specific subfolder you want, extract your assembly

9-13-2013 12-38-25 PM