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CKS Development Tools Edition for Visual Studio: New Version Out


The Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition extends the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint project system with advanced templates and tools. Using these extensions you will be able to find relevant information from your SharePoint environments without leaving Visual Studio. You will have greater productivity while developing SharePoint components and you will have greater deployment capabilities on your local SharePoint installation.

This version is targeted for users running SharePoint Foundation 2010, for the server version go here.


This project provides extensions to four core areas; Environment, Exploration, Content and Deployment.

Enhancements to the Visual Studio environment include the new SharePoint References tab available on the Add Reference dialog, allowing you to easily reference any SharePoint assembly without searching the file system or GAC for it.

Exploration extends the new SharePoint Explorer with advanced information about SharePoint sites such as the installed Web Parts and Master Pages or the Feature dependencies and elements. Also included in the Explorer are a variety of import functions to bring existing SharePoint items into your active solution.

The Content area includes advanced templates such as Linq to SharePoint, Custom Action or Delegate Control. Become extra productive while developing sandboxed solutions using the SharePoint Full Trust Proxy. Utilise the SharePoint Console Application project template to quickly build SharePoint code.

Our enhanced Deployment functions give you the ability to utilise quick deployment and almost a dozen other productivity enhancing deployment steps, including automated deployment (per file on change deployment).

Find the complete overview of all the CKS Development Tools Edition features on the documentation tab of the project site. The CKS Development Tools Edition works with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools.

What’s new in this release

The current 2.3 release includes the following features:

– Activate Quick Deploy from global shortcuts – Activating the shortcut keys now from any VS item not just the SP Project.
– New ASHX SPI – New ASHX handler project item template.
– Cancel Adding SPIs – Cancel adding SPIs feature which stops VS automatically adding a SPI to features.
– Updates for Quick Deployment steps – Correct processing of the assembly name.
– Quick Deploy GUID replacable params – Quick deploy now supports GUID based replaceable params and will represent the latest dll version of them.
– Quick Deploy fixes – Improvements to Quick Deploy. Read only files not locked during Quick Deploy.
– WCF SPI Template update – Changes to the SPI to deploy to the root of the ISAPI folder to remove the need for a custom web.config. This should make deployment simple for default WCF SPI’s while still allowing custom implementation with a sub folder and web.config to be done.


If you have a great idea for a deployment tool, template or any other thing that you believe increases developer productivity, contribute! Contact the Project team or add your idea to the discussion forum. Use the #CKSDev tag to follow and connect with the team on Twitter.

About the Community Kit for SharePoint

The Community Kit for SharePoint is a set of editions, components, tools and recommended documentation for SharePoint development. You are currently viewing the edition project site for the Development Tools Edition. To learn about the other editions and components you can go to http://www.communitykitforsharepoint.org/default.aspx.