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Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions video online now

11-8-2013 6-39-49 PM Are you a developer for the Microsoft platform, interested in helping your organization collaborate and manage workflow using SharePoint solutions? Take this course to learn the core skills common to most SharePoint development activities. Find out how to work with backend data and front end user interfaces and security. You’ll get some guidelines and best practices that will help you optimize your SharePoint applications. You’ll see some cool demos that will show you how to create an app, deploy it to a catalog, and install it. And you’ll see workflows inside the dramatically enhanced SharePoint Designer. This Jump Start will help you prepare for Exam 70-488.

Instructors | Chris Johnson – General Manager, Provoke Solutions Inc.; Consultant; Christopher Harrison – Microsoft Certified Trainer

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Go to the page linked below and sign up for a free MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) account and get started:

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Office Apps Submission Process

Here is an up-to-date overview of the Microsoft Office Apps Submission process:

App Submission

Pre-requisites (all covered at: http://dev.office.com)

The Support Tab at dev.office.com contains links to key content to stay up on: Help with developing apps for Office – Forum

Help with developing apps for SharePoint – Forum

Help with publishing apps for the Office Store – Forum – great channel for app submissions

Microsoft Help – support channel

Apps for Office and SharePoint blog – hot off the press info

1.   Create an App – see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/apps/jj220030.aspx
2.   Setup a Seller Account – covered on dev.office.com at: Publish apps for Office and SharePoint a.    Create a Seller Account

A few key thing to call out about the process:

i.   When choosing to setup your account as Company or Individual, keep in mind Seller Dashboard does not support changing this after the account is setup. If you have a company, company tax/payout account you should setup as a Company. If you’re truly an individual with personal tax/payout info, setup as an individual.

ii.   If you setup as a Company you will submit a company reference. It’s a good practice to follow up with the reference you submit to let them know to expect an email from Microsoft or Symantec asking them to follow a link to verify that you are associated with the company. This is the step that most often holds up account setup, if the company reference does not see or respond to the email (sometimes due to it arriving in a junk folder)

iii.   To submit Paid apps, your account must have valid tax and payout info on file

iv.   Add apps as drafts even while account is pending approval

You can add apps, metadata, etc to prepare your app submission, including localized metadata for additional languages. As soon as your account is approved, you will be able to submit your app

b.    Verify your paid Office 365 subscription so you can publish apps to the Office Store Requires a valid paid Office 365 subscription. Many get this as a benefit from their paid MSDN subscription. Currently, the MSDN subscription that comes with BizSpark does not qualify as a valid paid subscription

If they do not have access to a valid paid subscription (they can buy the O365 Dev Subscription for $99/year to satisfy this requirement to link Paid 365 subscription to Seller Account)

3.   Add Apps to Seller Account – covered on dev.office.com at: How To: Add apps in the Microsoft

Seller Dashboard

Includes key info on:

a.    How To: Create an effective Office Store listing for your app for Office and SharePoint

b.   On Jun 4 – info on adding additional languages will be updated in the adding apps topic.   Validation Policies – It’s a good idea to call out the best practice for developers to be familiar with these policies and FAQ in conjunction with App Development, to understand requirements before submitting and  avoid common errors when submitting

c.    Validation Checklist

4.   What to expect upon app submission

a.    Upon submitting the app, the Provider (developer) is not able to make changes to the submission in Seller Dashboard. They must wait until validation completes

b.   Validation timing is dependent on the amount of apps in the queue, complexity of app, and in some occasions internal Microsoft delays. That said, the majority of the apps are receiving validation completion in ~3 business days.

c.     Upon Validation’s conclusion, email is sent to the developer alerting the Provider of the outcome – following one of these paths:

i.   APPROVED – approved apps enter the publishing process and typically become available in the store within 24 hours of approval

ii.   APP REQUIRES CHANGES – (currently communicated as REJECTED). Call to action is for the developer to log into their Seller Account and review their app report. App reports call out which policies the app failed and often include additional notes from the validation tester on what to fix. It may also include some notes calling out other observations from the validation tester. These are not clear violations of policy, but additional things to consider while updating the app. Once Provider updates the app – they resubmit it to validation again.

5.   App Lifecycle Notes

  • The apps that are most successful in the store are apps that solve a customer need, are easiest to use, and in the case of paid apps, are priced to match the perceived value. Iterations to your app functionality on the web service side (where applicable) and via the submission metadata can help to fine tune your app.

Seller Dashboard provide metrics about your app’s performance in the Store

  • We attempt to keep our validation policy updates on a ~quarterly release cycle. All submission (including resubmissions) are validated against the most current policies
  • Ensuring your app (if trial or paid) is using the licensing model correctly is a way for Providers to provide a custom experience for expired trials that matches the provider’s business objectives. See  Licensing your apps for SharePoint & Creating and verifying licensing in a paid app for Office

Live Webcast | Reimagine SharePoint Development: A better way to customize SharePoint


Event ID: 1032553224
Language: English
Product: Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Audience: Developer Generalist and IT Decision Maker

Join Senior Product Marketing Manager, Keenan Newton, and special guest Partner Director of Apps Program Management, Robert Lefferts, as we kick off our new site centered around migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. We will discuss the history of SharePoint customizations and where the SharePoint development platform is going. We will also highlight the benefits of the cloud app model and answer any questions that you may have.

The webcast will be broadcasted on Channel 9.

This will be the first live webcast in a series of webcasts focused on migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. These webcasts along with this site will help SharePoint developers take meaningful steps in planning for the app model.

Register for Event

Starts: Monday, May 20, 2013 9:00 AM Time zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Duration: 1 hour