• Office 365 Internet Zone Settings

    This is a follow-up to my 2015 post about the recommended IE Internet Security Zone settings for maximum user authentication happiness. On the post https://tuomi.ca/2014/06/23/overcoming-sticky-logouts-office-365-azure-windows-intune-web-browser/, I tried to rationalize IE security settings relating to Office 365. Here’s a good explanation of why we should care, as quoted from the more recent MSFT post: “Starting with Windows […]

  • Microsoft Ignite Conference: Day 3 Round-Up

    I’ll kick off Day 3’s post with another imprint of pure experience. Scale- On-premise, Cloud, Global, Local. The rush/distraction/tunnel vision of being one of 23,000+ people moving through the Microsoft Ignite conference, contrasted with simple but essential logistics like bio-breaks and food, are a big parallel for me to the distinct juncture we are at […]

  • Microsoft Ignite Conference: Day 2 Round-Up

    Day 2 started off with a walk to the shuttle bus under the looming John Hancock building. Infrastructure into the Cloud, this pic worked out well as a deep ol’ metaphor 🙂 : Here’s some of the most awesome SharePoint/Office 365 sessions from Day 2: Microsoft Office 365 Groups Overview and Roadmap Effective Search Deployment […]

  • Enabling Yammer Access from Office 365 App Launcher

    From the  Microsoft Enterprise Social Service Updates group on Yammer : We’ve always held the view that Yammer is the future of team collaboration in Office 365, and to that end we’ve been hard at work to make it easier than ever to get started with Yammer from Office 365. Over the past months, we’ve made […]