• SharePoint Site Notebook feature dependent on WOPI?

    After integrating Office Web Apps Server 2013 with SharePoint Server 2013, a OneNote shared notebook will automatically be created upon creation of a Team Site. What if you don’t have OWA installed? Well, I got tasked to find this out today and here’s the results. When you attempt to activate it, it simply will not […]

  • Organizing and Sharing with OneNote JumpStart

    You may not know it yet, OneNote is a powerful tool for IT Pros to gather, manage, and use information essential for themselves and their team members. While this is an end user-friendly course, it is tailored to technologists looking for better ways to organize the information essential to both their professional and personal lives. […]

  • All About OneNote Synching & SharePoint

    What is OneNote? Has to be asked – a surprising number of people are not aware of what OneNote is for and how powerful it can be for keeping organized. OneNote is a Digital notebook application that enables users to gather, organize, and search notes and other types of information, and to share those notes […]