• Office 365 Security – Capabilities & Planning

    Moving to the Cloud can introduce new concerns. In this post, i’ll help you address your unique organizational security standards, framed against the products and capabilities of your Office 365 services. While Microsoft has invested heavily in securing their platforms against cyber attacks, they operate with a shared responsibility model in which the customer is […]

  • Office 365 Internet Zone Settings

    This is a follow-up to my 2015 post about the recommended IE Internet Security Zone settings for maximum user authentication happiness. On the post https://tuomi.ca/2014/06/23/overcoming-sticky-logouts-office-365-azure-windows-intune-web-browser/, I tried to rationalize IE security settings relating to Office 365. Here’s a good explanation of why we should care, as quoted from the more recent MSFT post: “Starting with Windows […]

  • Troubleshooting MS Office Install issues (MSI & Click-to-Run)

    Here’s a shortlist of some useful troubleshooting techniques, divided into two sections according to the two main types of MS Office Installations: MSI: “Traditional” Windows installer Click-to-Run: Office 365 installed MS Office MS Office MSI Install Troubleshooting “Verbose logging” is a setting that exposes more information during the installation process. It will capture “warning” as well […]

  • Use Microsoft Flow to grab image of the day for SharePoint

    The default Search Center in SharePoint is quite minimalist- just an empty page layout with a search box. This post will show you how to use the workflow logic of Microsoft Flow to grab a reference to the Bing image of the day, copy it’s URL to a SharePoint list, and then use clientside scripting […]

  • What is Office 365? Two simple & current Infographics

    You just know you’re in a complex business when even having a good oversight of the major tangents of what you do, is hard to come come by. In Office 365, we have a lot of new services being added on to plumbing/infrastructure backbone of the already massive SharePoint framework. Conversely, recent changes to SharePoint itself […]

  • How to output the Office 365 Roadmap as a spreadsheet

    If you want to stay on top of what’s coming soon for Office 365, the Office blog will be the source for major announcements, but you’ll also want to keep an eye on the Office 365 roadmap – which also covers Office Online and Outlook.com. If the Office blog is going to cover a feature, […]

  • Office 365 Custom App Launcher Tiles feature being deployed now

    The ability to create custom tiles in your Office 365 tenancy has just been pushed to a much wider audience as of July 22. From https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Add-custom-tiles-to-the-My-apps-page-and-app-launcher-1136115a-75af-4497-b693-640c4ce70bc6 In Office 365, you can quickly and easily get to your email, calendars, documents, and apps using the Office 365 app launcher (learn more). The tiles in the app […]

  • Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 Roundup

    Here is my presentation from last weeks Victoria Office 365 User Group in Victoria, BC. “Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Chicago last month was a huge event- 23,000+ attendees -and a lot of genuinely interesting technology news came out of it . I’ll share with you here my take on the big items of the event, […]

  • Microsoft Ignite Conference: Day 4 Round-Up

    Last day of the MS Ignite conference for me. Let’s take it to the bridge: Another metaphor? You betcha: – Cloud vs on-premise – Microsoft as Service Provider vs Shrink Wrapper – Unified experiences vs Diversified devices – People-driven Intranets vs Intranet-driven people – Windows OS as a true personal & biz life and productivity […]