• MSDN Forums UX Redesign

    This is hot news for anyone who spends significant time in the MSDN/TechNet forums. Check the forums tomorrow for the new look & functionality! : General Information The Forums team is excited to announce upcoming UX Improvements which will be available June 18th. These improvements are to address key usability improvements surrounding search, discoverability and […]

  • Sample Browser App for Windows

    I love me some All-in-one-Code Framework. Concise, useful, organized examples of code from Microsoft’ers that help you paddle fast enough to keep up with ye olde wave of acronyms. They  are responsive and community-oriented; if you request an example and there is a need for it, they will probably publish it for you.  I have posted previously […]

  • MSDN Quick Links

    The MSDN Library homepage has a newish “beta” quick links section which is a great index for navigating in an easier way than the somewhat dense tree nav: MSDN Library Welcome to the MSDN Library, an essential source of information for developers using Microsoft® tools, products, technologies and services. The MSDN Library includes how-to and […]