Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 Roundup

Here is my presentation from last weeks Victoria Office 365 User Group in Victoria, BC.

“Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Chicago last month was a huge event- 23,000+ attendees -and a lot of genuinely interesting technology news came out of it . I’ll share with you here my take on the big items of the event, flavoured through my lens of SharePoint/Office 365.

The core concepts: Microsoft is taking a mobile-first, cloud-first approach with three top priorities: to usher in an era of more personal computing, to reshape work and productivity with enhanced products and processes, and to build trust in a reliable, extensible cloud service offering.

What’s more, for us here in Canada, a lot of these announcements take on huge new relevance as Microsoft just announced on June 2 ( that they are opening data centers located on our soil. This opens up the doors to a Government and Private industry base that previously had been not able to leverage these services.

I will talk a bit on the upcoming on premise version of SharePoint 2016, the latest in Office 365 (including Delve/Office Graph), and more. ”

Speaker:  Keith Tuomi, FCV Interactive
Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: Business Professionals (Managers, Project Managers, etc.)
Technical Level: 200

Microsoft Ignite Conference: Day 3 Round-Up

I’ll kick off Day 3’s post with another imprint of pure experience. Scale- On-premise, Cloud, Global, Local. The rush/distraction/tunnel vision of being one of 23,000+ people moving through the Microsoft Ignite conference, contrasted with simple but essential logistics like bio-breaks and food, are a big parallel for me to the distinct juncture we are at in technology:  empower everyone at a mass scale, but make sure the human details are taken care of, and that everyone has a voice.

The entrance hall may resemble a slightly above average shopping mall scene for most, but in context, on the ground, it was more like the entrance to a spaceship waiting to take off:

Existential experiences aside, I waited a full 5 minutes for cell phone guy to abandon his hostile takeover of Microsoft (pleading eye contact included), and finally realized that was 5 minutes I would never get back, so I snapped my obligatory “largest Expo Hall ever” pic:
Really, words don’t help much with describing the scale of this event. 23,000 of the world’s finest Microsoft-oriented IT professionals in not one, but two Conference centers daisy-chained together. Being from Canada, the SCALE of business in America is always impressive-  this time it was the hammer of Thor (axe of Abe Lincoln?). There were numerous, well-attended core educational/interactive groups with all the best of the Microsoft team providing direct interaction with attendees. These were no tradeshow stunt doubles, but really the actual program leads and people who make things move at Microsoft. Super high quality interactions all over the floor.

Office 365

TechNet is my bible, which would make Joanne & KC here (Senior Content Writers for Microsoft), pretty high up in the toga-wearing department:
TechNet Rocks

Aside from the separate, colossal pool of core Microsoft and Partner & Vendor talent present in the Expo Hall, here’s the top sessions from day 3, on the SharePoint/Office 365 tip (with some guest appearances from OneNote & Visio, as I love both):

Whats New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016
What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016

“Engineering paths directly influenced by SP Uservoice” See:
“Durable Links- permalinks based on resource ID. Move Docs freely, URL stays the same”
“No downtime CU patching”
“OneDrive integration big priority for Engineering team”


This article describes initial investments made in installation and deployment of SharePoint Server 2016:

MinRole for the win!!

Embrace the BYOD Revolution: Effectively Manage a Multi-Device, Multi-Generational Workforce

A major business transformation is brewing in the enterprise today. Mobile technologies, business velocity, geographically dispersed and multi-generational workforce are converging to deliver the promise of responsive organizations. Organizations that miss this paradigm shift will face dire consequences. How can you effectively manage this shift, ensure that it will be sustainable and reap the benefits of being a responsive organization? In this session, learn how to apply practical steps and effective techniques to manage your multi-device and multi-generational workforce.

MVP Panel: Sample Apps and Intelligent Solutions Showcasing Office Graph and Delve Extensibility

Preparing for a meeting, but not sure what documents are relevant? Writing a proposal and looking for similar documents to help you out? Interested in what your colleagues are working on to stay updated? With the new Office Graph, answers to those questions are within your reach. In this demo-packed session, we show you how the Office Graph works and how it can be used when building custom apps and enriching existing solutions and portals. All scenarios are backed up by real-life solutions that you could use in your organization.

SP24 free online SharePoint Conference Kicking off now

We are extremely excited to announce that SP24 is will kick off in just under   2-hours (10pm GMT). Here are some (scary!) key facts about the conference.

– We already have over 6000 registered attendees from over 100 countries   around the globe.
– The conference has an enormous 100+ sessions covering both business and   technical.
– It’s entirely on-line.
– It’s completely FREE for all attendees.
– The platform has been developed entirely using SharePoint Foundation 2013   hosted by

So if you want to learn from some of the best SharePoint speakers in the   world, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Login at :
2. Head on over to   and select the sessions you want to see using the “Session Planner”.
We would love it if you updated your profile picture to use on the site.    And don’t forget to fill in your feedback forms (you will see those   during the sessions in the session resources tab.
3. Checkout the Conference Guide

What can I do at SP24?

Session Rooms…

All speakers will present in their own session rooms. As an attendee you will   be able to enjoy any session, chat with other attendees, see recommended   reading that the speaker has shared and read the tweets. To get you used to   the feel of a session room, the SP24 Team are currently streaming live from   the SP24 “War Room” in Leeds, UK. Check it out here :

Social Room…

Why not pop into the social room during the build up and during the   conference ?


– The site uses some fairly new (and cool technology) so please ensure you   use IE9+, Firefox 28+ and Chrome 34+ This will give you the best experience.   Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the site will behave on mobiles or   apple/android tablets.

– The conference will be using Google Hangouts and YouTube Live, so please   ensure that you can get access to YouTube from the place where you are   watching. If you are at work, REMEMBER to get permission or access via a link   that allows You Tube :0

That’s all folks, we really hope to see you VERY SOON at SP24!

SP24 Team

vSharePoint User Group March Presentation – SharePoint Conference 2014 Review

Here are the assets from my presentation last Thursday at the Victoria SharePoint user group, vSharePoint. In addition to our site, be sure to also check out our Office 365 hosted site at, which has all past Presentations available for download.

In the presentation I share the stories from my trip to Las Vegas to attend the SharePoint Conference 2014.

SharePoint Conference 2014 Review by Keith Tuomi

Thanks to everyone for coming out, Kelly Marshall for MC’ing, prizes and tweetage, and Sean Wallbridge , Microsoft  & Kwizcom for supporting the User Group.

Free Online SharePoint Conference



SP24 will last for 24 hours and will comprise of 48 sessions running across a business and technical track. SP24 will be held on-line using live streaming and will feature many speakers who have been voted for by the community, plus a few well knowns! Last but not least, it’s completely free for all attendees.

The Team!


SP24 is being faciliated by some of th  Community Reps from the We’ve been asked many times to run on-line SharePoint events, so here we are with something pretty big! To find our more about the team, please visit our ‘Meet the Team​’ and don’t hesitate to ask anyone a question!

The Date!

The Teaser

SP24 will start with an amazing keynote at 10pm GMT on April 16th and will finish at 11pm GMT on April 17th. We will shortly be releasing the sessions shown in your local time ​as soon as we have finalised the list of speakers. Each ses​​sion will fit into a 60 minute slot and there will be 2 live slots every hour.

​​​​​We think SP24 is a SharePoint Conference with a difference and if you are interested in SharePoint we think you will love it, and here’s why :

  • SP24 lasts for 24 hours and will follow the sun from New Zealand to Hawaii.
  • SP24 will feature speakers that are        voted for by the community.
  • SP24 has 2 tracks, one to appeal to Business Users and one that will excite technicians such as developers and adminsitrators.
  • SP24 is going to be held entirely on-line.
  • SP24 is following a similar format that has already proved to ​be really successful at two TFT13 conferences.
  • The SP24 conference will be run using this site which is built on SharePoint 2013 hosted by

When is SP24?

SP24 will start in New Zealand on the     16th April at 10pm GMT and will finish 24 hours later.

Who is organizing SP24?

SP24 is a big event and requires a lot of co-ordination and management, so is being collectively managed by the SharePoint-Community.Net Reps. To read more about the Team members please see our ‘Meet the Team​‘ page.

The Teaser

Before we launched this site we released this promotional video to introduce the concept of SP24. Please take a moment to check it out.

(Please note! ​the date showing in the clip is incorrect).​​

The SP24 site will be launched in 3 phases

SP24 is being built entirely with SharePoint 2013 Foundation hosted by The construction of the site has been planned over 3 phases as follows :

  1. Phase 1​ – Speaker Submissions (Live now)
  2. Phase 2 – Attendee Registration ​​(Live December 24th, 2013)
  3. Phase 3 – Conference Manageme​nt site (Live February 2014)​

Where can I find out about the sessions and how do I watch them?

You can catch the live stream event on Youtube at

As soon as we have concluded the voting process, we will start to fill all of the sessions slots and this will be made available via our Session Browser. Each session will be live streamed via an individual session room on this site.

A typical session room will contain :

  • The Live Stream
  • Twitter Feed (based on the hashtag for the session)
  • Session Overview
  • Integrated Chat (so you can ask the speaker questions)
  • Feedback forms
  • Quizzes
  • In-session Voting
  • Speaker BIO / background.

I want to speak, how can I apply?

If you are interested in speaking at SP24, then please read our ‘Speakers Guide‘ for more details.

I want to sponsor SP24, are there any opportunities?

As you can imagine to develop, host and run such a conference requires substantial effort with associated costs. We intend to have several sponsorship opportunities available and are currently working on the finer details. If you are interested please contact     Vlad Catrinescu​.