• CloudShare Explorer for Visual Studio 2012

    For those who don’t know about CloudShare.com – it’s a subscription-paid virtual server hosting environment along the lines of Amazon EC2 or Azure, which has a key twist: it provides pre-configured virtual machines that specifically focus on SharePoint and related technologies. We use it for development at itgroove when we need to do high-level development, […]

  • CloudShare Persistent DNS

    Sweet! : https://support.cloudshare.com/entries/23712067-Persistent-DNS Overview Each individual machine in an environment have a Persistent external DNS name.  For long-time users of CloudShare, this replaces the previously used External Address which would change each time an environment resumed. This means you can bookmark or save the RDP link and not worry about the IP changing.  For example, […]

  • Cloud SharePoint for Developers : Office 365, Azure, Amazon AWS & CloudShare

    Here’s a quick round up of our four top picks for getting your SharePoint Development going on in the cloud. Why develop in the cloud instead of perhaps using a local dedicated or virtual development environment?    Here’s ten reasons: 1. Scalable Add as many machines as you need. 2. Open and Flexible Choose development platform and programming model. […]