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There is a huge amount of great content available at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365/community/

This repository is here for YOU. The goal is to build an open source set of content to help people like Information Architects, Business Analysts, “Makers” (aka Citizen Developers), and Site Owners who want to use the Microsoft 365 platform better.

The authors are Microsoft MVP’s, industry insiders, and all other kinds of super helpful types. In particular i’m lovin’ the shift to term “Better Practices” instead of “Best Practices”. It’s a great acknowledgement that the world is a big place and one size does not always fit all.

While Microsoft’s Technet offering has consistently improved over the decades in terms of quality of content, the M365 Community Content comes off as more uniquely opinionated and field-experience driven. The unique evolutions of the contributors provides a writing style that seems more plain-language and relatable than most “documentation” that’s normally consumed.

Using Github as a platform for published documentation seems like a bit of a game changer as compared to those stodgy old textbook-like paper books that us IT geeks have traditionally bought.

Without further ado, the content as of this date:

Microsoft 365 Community Content

Learn about Microsoft 365 from the community! All content is community generated.

Basics and Definitions

Get Started

Microsoft 365 Better Practices


Maturity Model for Microsoft 365


How-To Guide

SharePoint Better Practices


Information Architecture


Effective Communication


Making Better Decisions


Useful Scenarios



How-To Guide



In Preview


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