List of Issues & Bugs Patched by Service Pack 1 (SP1) in Office and SharePoint 2013

Correlating bugs to the fixes indicated for the SharePoint 2013 / Office 2013 Service Pack 1 can be a bit tricky since the actual change list is served in the form of an Excel spreadsheet on the Microsoft KB page. I’m not convinced that the major search engines surface Excel data in the same way as regular web page content – so here’s the change list in HTML form in the hopes that this helps someone surfing around for general symptoms in the search engines match up their symptom with the fixes described.

Key References

Update center for Office, Office servers, and related products
Description of Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) KB 2817430
List of all Service Pack 1 (SP1) updates for Microsoft Office 2013 and related desktop products KB 2850036

Download: Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 Changes Excel XLSX Worksheet

Issues Fixed by Service Pack 1 (SP1) in Office and SharePoint 2013


List of all Service Pack 1 (SP1) updates for Microsoft Office 2013 and related desktop products (KB 2850036)
List of all Service Pack 1 (SP1) updates for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and related server products (KB 2850035)

Table of Contents

Audit and Control Management Server
Office Shared (Affects Multiple Applications)
1. Service Pack 1 also includes a rollup of all Cumulative Updates through December 2013, and all Public Updates through January 2014. The list below is specific to changes shipping for the first time in SP1.
2. Text for some list items describes a problem now fixed by SP1, while other items describe both the problem and the new behavior after installing SP1. Despite variations in phrasing, SP1 fixes all of the issues listed.
3. SP1 also contains additional changes which are less visible, but improve various aspects of the product. This includes reducing crashes, improving security, and fixing other issues too specific to include in this list.

Fix Descriptions

Product KB Number Text
Access 2817430
Access 2817430 Currency values may become zero when importing an Excel file into Access.
Access 2817430 Access app developers can now upgrade the apps they have made available in the Store or a corporate catalog.
Access 2817430 A crash may occur when opening a new connection using the Data Access Objects (DAO).
Access 2817430 A crash may occur when using Access as a DDE server and closing a database while a DDE conversation is in progress.
Access 2817430 Exporting to an Excel spreadsheet that uses named ranges can sometimes fail.
Access 2817430 Lookups to text don’t have the expected field size.
Access 2817430 When creating an Access web app that uses currency fields on a computer with Windows 8.1 installed, the app may fail to load in the browser with the message “an error has occurred.”
Access 2817430 Access may crash when running a query that invokes a user-defined function.
Access 2817430 An error may occur when an Access app is refreshed in Internet Explorer 10.
Access 2817430 Access cannot open a linked table or Access Services 2010 web database when the server URL changes protocols from http to https.
Access 2817430 A generic “error has occurred” message appears when a database has exceeded its maximum size limit.
Access 2817430 Access may crash when a new form is created while another object is open.
Access 2817430 Access may crash when the navigation control in Layout view is used.
Access 2817430 Buttons do not appear correctly when the screen resolution is set to anything other than 100% DPI.
Access 2817430 Exporting a multi-page report to HTML results in a lot of blank pages.
Access 2817430 An error appears when the “Preview Datasheet” feature is used on Windows 8.1.
Access 2817430 A view can’t be duplicated if it contains an embedded query along with an embedded macro or an embedded named expression.
Access 2817430 A syntax error may appear if numbers containing trailing zeroes after the decimal point are entered into expressions in an Access app.
Access 2817430 Pressing CTRL+Arrow key on a tab control can cause Access to crash.
Access 2817430 Linking to SharePoint lists from an Access Services 2013 application fails if the list uses a locale other than English.
Access 2817430 When a Project file is saved as an Excel workbook, dates are saved in US English format instead of the user’s regional settings.
Audit and Control Management Server 2817430
Audit and Control Management Server 2817431 When monitoring files in a SharePoint document library, files are only tracked if they appear on the first page of the default view for the document library.
Excel 2817432
Excel 2817433 On some machines, when a user switches to Page Layout View and then enters and exits print preview, Excel will run very slowly, potentially to the point of completely freezing.
Excel 2817434 When a user opens an .xls file with an old password in it and then tries to assign another password to anything else in the workbook, like another sheet or a range, all of the existing passwords are overwritten with the new password.
Excel 2817435 Comment text written in Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, or Thai is cut off and can only be fully viewed if it is edited.
Excel 2817436 At a high DPI setting, the checkbox in the filter menu does not appear.
Excel 2817437 Incorrect results are returned when the language is set to Japanese and JIS function is used on certain strings.
Excel 2817438 A runtime error occurs when the PageSetup.PrintArea property is set by string via a variable.
Excel 2817439 Data validation that uses relative references may not be correctly saved to HTML file formats, which causes data validation to be broken when the file is reloaded.
Excel 2817440 At a high DPI setting, the dashed border is hidden in the Borders tab of the Format Cells dialog box, and when it is applied to a cell, the border disappears.
Excel 2817441 Excel may crash when a password-protected XLS file is opened.
Excel 2817442 After inserting an IVS character (such as certain Japanese Kanji characters with slight differences from base characters), deleting the IVS character using the backspace key requires pressing the backspace key twice.
Excel 2817443 FILTERXML parses numbers between 1900 and 9999 as the day before that year.
Excel 2817444 A file may become corrupted if there are many merged cells and the user sorts the worksheet.
Excel 2817445 At a high DPI setting, showing the print gridlines by either going into Print Preview or Print Layout and then going back to normal view, causes the gridlines to be drawn in white.
Excel 2817446 A crash may occur when a shared, Information Rights Management (IRM) protected Excel workbook is saved.
Lync 2817447
Lync 2817448 When the Lync client is used by a 3rd party application as an out-of-proc COM server showing no Lync UI (“UI suppression mode”), the Lync process does not exit after the app is closed.
Office Shared 2817449
Office Shared 2817450 List templates can’t be retrieved using the Office client object model.
Office Shared 2817451 It’s not possible to move the cursor using only the keyboard when adding an Organizational ID in the Sign-in screen.
Office Shared 2817452 EPS images are not properly embedded when they are inserted using the “Insert and Link” feature.
Office Shared 2817453 JNLP file types are now blocked in Outlook, InfoPath, and SharePoint. OneNote warns users attempting to open JNLP files.
Office Shared 2817454 Users who are not joined to a domain cannot configure Information Rights Management.
Office Shared 2817455 A crash may occur when creating a digital signature in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, when the SignatureHashAlg, InvalidHashAlg, LegacyHashAlg values contain uppercase letters or don’t match the expected list of values.
Office Shared 2817456 By default, every Office user has the ability to activate/deactivate any add-in. However, there are some enterprise scenarios where an organization may want to require certain non-admin users to always have some specific add-ins activated. The Registry Key ‘DisableLMAddinOverwrite’ can be set in order to prevent non-admin users from activating/deactivate add-ins loaded by an admin.
Office Shared 2817457 When a digital signature is added to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file Office 2013 was not respecting the SignatureHashAlg registry key under HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftOffice15.0CommonSignatures. This prevents Office 2013 from creating digital signatures that Office 2007 can validate when using a certificate that contains a SHA256 hash.
Outlook 2817458
Outlook 2817459 When an exact match name resolution is attempted using the equal sign, Outlook resolves the wrong name.
Outlook 2817460 Unexpected text is added when properties are changed in a shared mailbox.
Outlook 2817461 Outlook may crash when IMAP is used with a custom add-in.
Outlook 2817462 Outlook downloads duplicate e-mails when a POP profile is used.
Outlook 2817463 Mail gets stuck in Outlook when SaveReplies and NoOST is set on a cached mode profile.
Outlook 2817464 Exchange export fails after Outlook is updated to KB 2687623.
Outlook 2817465 Outlook may freeze for 45-60 seconds on the initial account setup screen.
Outlook 2817466 A message may be stuck in the Outbox indefinitely when the length of the legacyExchangeDN + the length of the server name exceeds 245 characters.
Outlook 2817467 Outlook sometimes shows an incorrect value in Quota Thermometer.
Outlook 2817468 The object model event, dispidEventOnWriteWhen, is not fired when a reminder is dismissed.
Outlook 2817469 In Cached Mode, “last modified by” is not set correctly for exceptions.
Outlook 2817470 A meeting request from Lotus Notes can crash Outlook.
Outlook 2817471 The Read/Unread count may not update in the folder tree.
Outlook 2817472 Favorites of public folders will occasionally disappear.
Outlook 2817473 Attachments may not be sent with a read-only e-mail.
Outlook 2817474 Custom Document Property values are not displayed in a SharePoint document library when saving an e-mail from Outlook.
Outlook 2817475 On high resolution screens, the LinkedIn entry in the Social Connector dialog box does not allowed the user to remove an account using the delete icon that appears on mouse hover.
Outlook 2817476 Quick Steps don’t fire off any Object Model events.
Outlook 2817477 Rich text is incorrectly formatted as plain text when a custom form is used to create a new e-mail.
Outlook 2817478 Outlook crashes when attempting to access a user property on an exception item.
Outlook 2817479 A deleted inline picture will become an attachment when you save a “Do not forward” mail before sending it.
Outlook 2817480 An error occurs when custom actions are performed on custom MAPI forms that don’t use IDispatch.
Outlook 2817481 The Zoom field in the Scheduling Assistant dialog box has no label for screen readers to read.
Outlook 2817482 A contact address field is overwritten instead of changed or appended. For example, if a street address is added to an address that already has a city and zip code, the city and zip code may be lost.
Outlook 2817483 A crash may occur if Ctrl + N is pressed when the Advanced Find dialog box is open.
Outlook 2817484 In Modeless Simple MAPI, if an e-mail is sent via a secondary Exchange account, Outlook will leave the e-mail in the wrong Sent Items folder.
Outlook 2817485 Outlook prompts for credentials if it is started in disconnected mode and then connects with a firewall public profile that blocks outbound traffic.
Outlook 2817486 Setting a resource(location) programmatically through the Outlook object model does not work properly.
Outlook 2817487 Default special folders may be duplicated if Outlook is started without an OST and while disconnected.
Outlook 2817488 When adding ambiguous names to the To: and Cc: fields and clicking between them on the custom form, the To: and/or Cc: box will shrink in size, making it impossible to add users or to see which users are there.
Outlook 2817489 A write event is not triggered properly when the “Mark as read” / “Mark as unread” commands are used.
Outlook 2817490 At high-DPI settings, images in e-mails may grow unexpectedly.
Outlook 2817491 Outlook crashes if a new e-mail containing a table with merged cells is left in the background.
Outlook 2817492 Outlook may crash when printing an e-mail with OLE objects in it.
Outlook 2817493 When using custom Outlook forms with plain-text, the user is prompted every time they send an e-mail, warning that formatting will be lost, even though there is no formatting in the e-mail.
PowerPoint 2817494
PowerPoint 2817495 PowerPoint may crash when the slide is advanced in slideshow mode, while another PowerPoint file is opened in protected view.
PowerPoint 2817496 A crash may occur when PowerPoint slides are previewed in the Windows Explorer preview pane.
PowerPoint 2817497 If a read-only PowerPoint file containing images is saved as another PowerPoint file, the images may be lost.
PowerPoint 2817498 When PowerPoint slides are copied and pasted into Word, the slide/page numbers change.
PowerPoint 2817499 It’s not possible to undo the addition of tags to a presentation.
PowerPoint 2817500 It’s not possible to switch to Reading View when a presentation is in protected mode.
PowerPoint 2817501 Presentations.Count may return incorrect value when trapping PresentationAdd, PresentationClose, PresentationOpen and PresentationClose events.
PowerPoint 2817502 Creating a presentation programmatically and attempting to save it, results in a .potx type file instead of the default type (which is usually .pptx).
PowerPoint 2817503 The preview pane in Windows Explorer does not show a PowerPoint slide show unless a Word document is previewed first.
PowerPoint 2817504 Presentation.Fullname does not return the full name (path and file name) when it is called from inside a PresentationSave event during shutdown.
PowerPoint 2817505 Bulleted text doesn’t indent as expected when IndentLevel is set programmatically.
Project 2817430
Project 281743​2817434 If the view (resource or tasks) has one column that has a dependent read-only column, the paste action will try to override the read-only column and will generate an error message.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Close Tasks to Updates view disappears when switching to Project Server Permissions mode.
Project 281743 ​2817434 When migrating projects with project-level calendars to Project 2013 from earlier versions, in some instances the default Project calendar can conflict with the calendars in the MPP file, leading to unexpected scheduling discrepancies. Additionally, when expanding a subproject inside of a master project, rollup custom fields can display the value “#ERROR” or no value at all until the subproject is opened and a recalc is forced.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If a view uses an interactive filter, that filter will be removed from the view definition if a user cancels setting the filter when applying the view.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Importing a project from Excel may fail to properly set the task progress.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Documents, Issues, and Risks sections on the Task Details page don’t display links.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Certain tasks with very high work loads cannot be viewed in the Approval Center.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If a project with subprojects is opened before it is completely saved on the server, it may become corrupted.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Deleting a project created from the Project Ideas list can fail if the Project Ideas list was deleted.
Project 281743 ​2817434 In some cases, time phased cost and work values entered for a baseline in Project do not properly appear in the reporting database.
Project 281743 ​2817434 At a high DPI setting, the view names displayed on the left side of the screen may not appear correctly.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Users cannot edit a task’s work or remaining work in the Schedule Web Part when Protected Actuals is enabled on the server and the task already has actual work.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Out-of-the-box Project web parts do not function outside of the Project Web App site collection.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Resource costs are not calculated correctly when using the project update PSI for assignments that contain multiple cost rate table entries.
Project 281743 ​2817434 When projects are created in PWA using template-based EPTs, notes that are associated with tasks are lost when the project is opened in the Project client.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Project shows the error “The following job failed to complete. Job Type: Save. Error ID: 9000(0x2328)” when attempting to save changes in enterprise projects with more than 5000 tasks.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If the user selects one (or more) cells and then right-clicks in a cell that requires the grid to scroll, the right-click selection is lost.
Project 281743 ​2817434 When Project CSOM is used to return the collection of projects, the collection will now include subprojects.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If a textbox is added to a Gantt chart with a number in front of the text, the number shows up after the text in printing/print preview.
Project 281743 ​2817434 The Import Timesheets feature does not work properly when the language setting is not English.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If the Gantt chart is split with the resource graph view, Project may crash when the bar styles for the resource graph are edited.
Project 281743 ​2817434 When a baseline is saved from the context of a Master Project, Project may crash unexpectedly.
Project 281743 ​2817434 The number of calendar exceptions allowed for a single entity in Project has been increased.
Project 281743 ​2817434 The main Project icons will now be displayed correctly at a high DPI setting.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Project may not show the baseline data correctly if time phased baseline work and/or baseline cost is edited.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Baseline Work calculations sometimes do not update correctly while the user is in the Resource Usage view.
Project 281743 ​2817434 The Previous, Next and Select Period buttons are now enabled so that the user can move to a different period where there is an active time period.
Project 281743 ​2817434 When leveling granularity is set to a value greater than Days (Weeks and Months, for example), leveling does not properly resolve over allocation issues.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Saving and publishing a project on Project Server may take a long time.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Publishing a project, when resources in the project have assignments in many other projects, may take a long time to complete.
Project 281743 ​2817434 If the Office-wide profile setting turns off saving to either XPS or PDF, then the Project Save As dialog may not work correctly.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Earned value calculations do not work correctly in Project when any baseline other than Baseline0 is used.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Time phased Actual Cost and Baseline cost may not properly appear in the reporting database if there’s no associated time phased work/baseline work with the cost.
Project 281743 ​2817434 On some assignments with modified contours and small assignment unit values, it’s not possible to set the % Work Complete field to 100%.
Project 281743 ​2817434 Tasks deleted using the Gantt view on a SharePoint list do not go to the Recycle Bin of that site.
Project 281743 ​2817434 CustomFieldValueListAdd method cannot write values over 127 characters long.
Publisher 2817430
Publisher 2817430 Cursors, the ruler, and the Word Art gallery in Publisher appear pixelated on high DPI devices.
Publisher 2817430 The ruler is clipped in print preview when the user changes the display settings to view text at 200%.
SharePoint 2817430
SharePoint 2817430 Metadata is lost when documents that use a custom content type with a “Description” field are opened for editing.
SharePoint 2817430 When an item is deleted, restored from recycle bin, and then deleted again, there is a primary key constraint error.
SharePoint 2817430 An error occurs when files are moved between document libraries and the web time zone is behind that of the server.
SharePoint 2817430 Metadata filtering at list level always lists all metadata terms.
SharePoint 2817430 The hyperlink popup window drops the selected word to be linked when there is a delay of more than one second in opening the window.
SharePoint 2817430 Multiple-column, SummaryLinkWebParts with a group heading style of “Separator” are rendered incorrectly.
SharePoint 2817430 A hash tag that contains a full width space does not get created successfully.
SharePoint 2817430 Search schema compression is now enabled by default to allow larger search schemas.
SharePoint 2817430 Highlighting for FQL queries is now enabled for FQL as well as KQL.
SharePoint 2817430 Opening a custom SharePoint list in datasheet view and applying multiple custom filters, where each filter has more than one condition, can result in an incomplete set of list items.
SharePoint 2817430 When the “Export to Excel” button is clicked in a SharePoint document library that has the Content Type field displayed, the Content Type field does not appear in the Excel workbook.
SharePoint 2817430 An error occurs after changing the “Manager” property in EditProfile.aspx page when the My Sites WebApp is not in the same farm as the UPA.
SharePoint 2817430 SharePoint REST API does not return a well-defined error response for a duplicate key exception.
SharePoint 2817430 Developers are unable to specify a Content Type ID when creating Content Types in the client object model.
SharePoint 2817430 On list views in SharePoint sites, the Connect to Outlook button in the ribbon may be erroneously disabled.
SharePoint 2817430 In some non-English languages of SharePoint, the text displayed in the callout UI for a document or list item, describing who last edited the item, may not be grammatically correct.
SharePoint 2817430 Copy and Paste in a datasheet does not work correctly with Internet Explorer 11.
SharePoint 2817430 Pages do not render in Safari for iPad when private browsing mode is used.
SharePoint 2817430 When editing rich text fields in SharePoint, if the editing session exceeds 30 minutes, the edits may not be saved.
SharePoint 2817430 An error that says “SCRIPT12004: An internal error occurred in the Microsoft Internet extensions” may occur intermittently when users visit their SkyDrive Pro or other pages on their personal site.
SharePoint 2817430 InfoPath may crash when a form that points to a SharePoint list, with a lookup to another SharePoint list, is opened.
SharePoint 2817430 An InfoPath form with extended characters in its name fails to open.
SharePoint 2817430 An error that says “Security Validation for the form has timed out” may occur when an InfoPath form is digitally signed and hosted in a SharePoint site collection that uses the SharePoint version 2010 user experience.
SharePoint 2817430 “Show document icon” remains unchecked and the document icon does not show in Edit Properties for a list item.
SharePoint 2817430 A “Failed tagging this page” error occurs when the “I like it” button is clicked.
SharePoint 2817430 The wrong term is removed when manually editing a multi-valued taxonomy field.
SharePoint 2817430 When tagging list items using a language that is different from the term store default language, suggestions for labels are offered in multiple languages. The suggestions appear confusing because both language suggestions are listed without any identification of the language.
SharePoint 2817430 An error that says “There was an error processing this request” may appear when editing the user profile.
SharePoint 2817430 Times are missing from Date/Time results in certain filtered list web service calls.
SharePoint 2817430 Minimal and no metadata are now enabled as supported JSON formats.
SharePoint 2817430 Actions4 schema workflow actions can’t be deployed to SharePoint.
SharePoint 2817430 Using Client Object Model, Stream.Seek() to seek to a particular position doesn’t seek at the proper offset.
SharePoint 2817430 Refreshing a workflow status page generates the following error: “System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.”
SharePoint 2817430 Setting custom, non-English outcomes in web pages on tasks in a workflow fails to set the value.
SharePoint 2817430 Configurations of SharePoint using Azure Hybrid mode and Workflow Manager together can cause workflow callbacks to fail.
SharePoint 2817430 Workflow task processes on wiki pages won’t start.
SharePoint 2817430 Workflows won’t wait for changes to content approval status fields.
SharePoint 2817430 E-mails generated by workflow cannot be disabled for approvals in SharePoint workflows.
SharePoint 2817430 Workflows may fail to send an e-mail or send too many e-mails.
SharePoint 2817430 Association variables do not update correctly for auto-start workflows.
SharePoint 2817430 A KeyNotFoundException error may occur in a workflow when the associated task list uses unique permissions.
SharePoint 2817430 Incomplete tasks are deleted when workflow task activities complete.
SharePoint 2817430 Task activity is suspended when the task is completed using app-only credentials.
SharePoint 2817430 An error that says “This task could not be updated at this time” occurs when trying to complete a workflow task using the “Open this task” button in Outlook.
SharePoint 2817430 A workflow doesn’t respond properly when waiting for changes in specific types of list columns, such as Boolean, Date Time, and User.
Visio 2817430
Visio 2817430 Connectors in UML sequence diagrams don’t work properly. The message arrow shape gets converted into a return message arrow shape and vice versa, when the direction of the arrow is reversed.
Visio 2817430 CAD drawings are blurry at high magnification (zoom).
Visio 2817430 Certain BPMN diagram shapes may not render until the page is refreshed.
Visio 2817430 At a high-DPI setting, the ribbon icons and other user interface elements appear blurry.
Word 2817430
Word 2817430 Certain Word documents containing old diagrams can’t be saved in the ISO Strict format.
Word 2817430 The Y axis label text in a chart may become unreadable if it is rotated.
Word 2817430 Setting document protection via the object model will fail when the document’s current selection contains a grouped content control.
Word 2817430 When comparing documents with footnotes or endnotes that are formatted with custom styles, a whole footnote or endnote is incorrectly shown as being deleted and reinserted.
Word 2817430 Tables with merged cells may not render correctly when an 8-bit remote desktop connection is used to access Word.
Word 2817430 Word may freeze when opening a document that uses a font that is not available on the computer.
Word 2817430 If VBA is used to iterate through the revisions collection of a document, Word may get stuck in an infinite loop.
Word 2817430 When selecting multiple disjoint cells in a table, querying Selection.End via Word’s object model returns the character position of the first cell selected instead of the character position of the last cell selected.
Word 2817430 Printing documents in Booklet layout will cause some HP printers to print horizontal white lines across the content.
Word 2817430 Converting a document to PDF with Word Automatic Services could result in table indents being ignored in the PDF file partway through the document.
Word 2817430 Table captions with SEQ fields print incorrectly if the document is marked as final.
Word 2817430 Digits may fall outside the End of Ayah mark or other Arabic subtending marks, and the order of digits inside subtending marks is reversed.
Word 2817430 At high-DPI settings, the ruler and cursor appear pixelated.
Word 2817430 Word may become unresponsive when copy/pasting content with bullets, numbering, or styles on a touch screen device.
Word 2817430 The chevron of a collapsed heading is not fully visible.
Word 2817430 Text is duplicated with every keystroke when typing in a plain content control, where the text has range permissions on it and Track Changes is enabled.
Word 2817430 In the Japanese language version of Word, when a user creates or edits a paragraph style to have hanging indents and left indents defined in character units, the hanging indent is lost when the Modify Style, Paragraph dialog box is reopened.
Word 2817430 The bottoms of text boxes are cut off during printing, when those text boxes contain multiple paragraphs with horizontal borders applied to them.
Word 2817430 Converting a numbered list in a content control to plain text using the object model results in the number for the first list item falling outside of the content control.
Word 2817430 Using VBA to attach a template from a network share to a document, while populating a global variable, results in a run-time error.
Word 2817430 Users who are co-authoring a Word document are prompted to save too frequently.
Word 2817430 Opening quotation marks that are typed in Latvian are lowered incorrectly.
Word 2817430 Manipulating tables using Selection.Text takes too long to execute.
Word 2817430 Table of Figures does not update correctly after a user deletes tables or figures with sequential captions while Track Changes is enabled.
Word 2817430 A right-tab may incorrectly cause a line to break.
Word 2817430 Bookmarks near textboxes may not be loaded when opening RTF files.
Word 2817430 Programmatically setting the bounds of a floating shape results in incorrect bounds, when the document is in compatibility mode and when the “Show white space between pages in Print Layout view” checkbox in Options is unchecked.
Word 2817430 Getting or setting Document.PageSetup properties through VBA fails for documents that contain floating tables.
Word 2817430 When clicking on a hyperlink in the research pane for a location that is in the Local Intranet trusted zone in Internet Explorer’s Internet Options, Internet Explorer will no longer immediately disappear after opening the link.
Word 2817430 Attempting to use Document.Repaginate when the selection is within a locked Content Control or within a coauthoring lock results in an error.
Word 2817430 Documents may sometimes become corrupted when they contain equations.
Word 2817430 Using “Send as Attachment” results in the attached document having a duplicate extension, if the original document’s extension is uppercase.
Word 2817430 Performance is slow when copying large amounts of content into a content control.
Word 2817430 When there isn’t a good line break opportunity, Word sometimes breaks inside glyph clusters.
Word 2817430 Opening a document that contains a multi-line content control that itself contains a line break, results in digital signatures being declared invalid, as if edits were made to the document.
Word 2817430 Editing or undoing certain changes can change the way a run of text line-breaks.

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