Free SharePoint / Office 365 Theme & New Magic Tool from Bind Tuning

The good folks at shared with me at the SharePoint Conference that they have a new, free Office 365 SharePoint theme available called TheBootstrap Theme.


It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, and it’s free!

“The Bootstrap Theme” is a free theme, based on the Bootstrap 3 framework, featuring its base design, yet completely customizable using the BindTuning powerful customization Engine.

It includes 2 master pages, one for the home page, and one for inner pages with side navigation. Also includes over 360+ icons, based on FontAwesome 4.

“The Bootstrap Theme” is the ideal starting point for freelancers and agencies.

Note- A “Theme” in this context is a .NET masterpage, page layouts, CSS and other assets that make up your branding package. In general CMS parlance, this would be interchangeable with the word “Skin” – a complete visual UI package for styling a website.

First, go to the page and click the “Free Download” button. This will launch the CMS selector – choose SharePoint 2013 (for on-premise SharePoint) or Office 365:


As can be seen, they also support DotNetNuke, Kentico, WordPress, Drupal, Orchard, Umbraco themes and pure HTML 5, should you be so inclined.

Once you pick Office 365 or SharePoint, you’ll be taken to the Configurator page which has a great interactive menu that let’s you apply different colors, fonts, page layouts etc. with a realtime preview:


Brand new is also their Magic Tool, which let’s you “Quickly reproduce an existing website color scheme, or create one based on your logo. It’s that simple!” The Magic Tool 25
The Magic Tool let’s you upload a logo image file, or input a URL, and it will pick a matching color scheme automagically for you:

In this case, I plunk in :


..and the result:


And that’s it. Click Done! and then your color scheme is available in the main Configuration menu. You can still tweak and adjust further after that:

All in all, the new free SharePoint theme and the creation of the Magic Tool represents some great moves from Bind..    not to mention that Designers can now create and sell their themes through the Bind site too.


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