Estimate SQL db Restore Time

If you’ve ever had to restore a large SharePoint or other SQL DB, here’s a handy little T-SQL for guesstimating how long a it’s going to take. Run this when one or more Restore’s are in progress. Note that it would spin up actual TimeRemainingMin’s until it actually picks up speed and get’s going (past 0% in the dialog GUI):

    d.PERCENT_COMPLETE AS [%Complete],
    d.TOTAL_ELAPSED_TIME/60000 AS ElapsedTimeMin,
    d.ESTIMATED_COMPLETION_TIME/60000   AS TimeRemainingMin,
    d.TOTAL_ELAPSED_TIME*0.00000024 AS ElapsedTimeHours,
    d.ESTIMATED_COMPLETION_TIME*0.00000024  AS TimeRemainingHours,
   s.text AS Command
FROM    sys.dm_exec_requests d
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(d.sql_handle)as s
ORDER   BY 2 desc, 3 DESC

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