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It’s a drizzly grey Friday morning and i’m not feeling super bloggy today – so I’ve looked to the past and dug up the top 10 blog posts that I feel offer the most value:

User Profile Synch SharePoint 2010 – The Essential Mix
My attempt to humbly leverage the gold standard of Spencer Harbar’s explanations of UPS against the latter-improved TechNet guides, sprinkled in with my own experiences.

The Top 10 Problems With SharePoint Performance Top 10 Lists
I’ve come across lot’s of helpful lists around the net and forums on the topic of performance tuning SharePoint however as time and performance projects march forward it’s clear that this subject, more than most in the already dense realm of SharePoint, deserves a more realistic outlook. The standard lists of performance tuning tips look at the forest for the trees. This list looks at the forest as a melee battle between good and evil and er..  anyhow, read on for some twists on the old tuning bag of tricks

SharePoint 2010 File Size Upload Limits – The Essential Mix
​Clearly there are a lot of articles & posts on net regarding increasing File Size Upload limits in SharePoint. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any one that was comprehensive enough to include ALL the tweaks you need to consider to accomplish the goal, on both the SharePoint and IIS level. So here’s mine.

Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010
My run-down of the fundamentals of Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint. Applicable on to, and heavily focused on, in SharePoint 2013 too.

SharePoint 2007 Anonymous MS Office Document Download Login Prompts
Workaround for avoiding authentication prompts on anonymous SharePoint sites, can be applied to newer SP versions too.

Nintex Custom Actions permissions – Understanding RunWithElevatedPrivileges
Getting head around RunWithElevatedPrivileges, useful for all SP Dev, not just when making Nintex Actions.

Cloud-based SharePoint – Risks & Rewards
My early attempts to be a SharePoint weatherman.

All About OneNote Synching & SharePoint
Getting into the nitty gritty of how OneNote (you are using OneNote, aren’t you?) magically keeps all your thoughts saved, synched and backed up in SharePoint.

SharePoint Calculated Column Formulas
Although fundamentally SharePoint calculated columns support all the functions and formulas that Excel can use, there are a few discrepencies. Here I try and present the biggest, most monolithic library of calculated column formulas on the net.

itgroove 2012 SharePoint Predictions.. Dionne Warwick Strikes Back
Not so much a content based post, but just one that needs to be remembered – “Remember that time when Sean predicted the rise of the Apps?”

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