PowerShell Intellisense-like Syntax Highlighting for Visual Studio 2012

Following up to my previous post which details the requirements to get PowerShell intellisense in Visual Studio 2010, here is the recipe for getting the same goodies in Visual Studio 2012:

PowerShell is an essential tool for advanced SharePoint development & administration. Unfortunately Visual Studio doesn’t offer PowerShell code syntax highlighting or Intellisense natively. You can however use Adam Driscoll’s plugin PowerGUI VSX from Codeplex, which runs on top of PowerGUI.

Note: Development seems to have stopped for a while on that project, not sure if it’s just super stable for 2012 and no updates have been required or what, but in any case, go to the Codeplex page and show some love to encourage further development.

PowerGUI V requires the free, standalone application PowerGUI. Please download the correct version:

Some useful sources for SharePoint PowerShell scripts and advice:

Windows PowerShell™ command-line interface is a new command-line tool and supporting scripting language from Microsoft that complements Cmd.exe in the Windows administration context. In the SharePoint administration context, Windows PowerShell supersedes the Stsadm.exe administration tool. Moving forward, you should use Windows PowerShell scripting technology to develop any new command-line scripts in SharePoint.

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