New Book: How to Do Everything SharePoint 2013

Stephen Cawood’s new SharePoint 2013 book is out shortly, and I am one of the Technical Editors! 😉

How to Do Everything SharePoint 2013

Publication Date: April 12, 2013 | ISBN-10: 007180983X | ISBN-13: 978-0071809832 | Edition: 2

Written by a former member of the SharePoint development team, this user-friendly guide focuses on the features that will make you the most productive and proficient with SharePoint 2013. You’ll learn how to use the content management, enterprise search, collaboration, and information-sharing capabilities.How to Do Everything: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 helps you maximize the power of the de facto standard tool for enterprise content management.

  • Helps you get up to speed as quickly as possible
  • Covers blogs, wikis, MySites, Web parts, taxonomy, document management, workflow, publishing sites, social features, and team sites
  • Includes comprehensive but easy-to-understand coverage of the key features
  • Filled with real-world examples based on the author’s many years of working with SharePoint customers

About the Author

Stephen Cawood is a SharePoint MVP and former Microsoft Program Manager on the MCMS and SharePoint product teams. During his time on the SharePoint development team, Stephen wrote specifications for SharePoint. He is also the founder of the Halifax SharePoint Users group. Stephen has written a number of books, including How to Do Everything: SharePoint 2010 and two editions the Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creators Guide. He has received three patent awards for his work on web-based content management.

About Me

Keith Tuomi is a SharePoint-focused consultant & developer . With extensive experience designing, coding, testing and supporting Microsoft technologies, he works consistently to improve his proficiencies in creative technical development and administration. A programmers approach to detail combined with the inspiration of an architect means there is plenty for him to explore in the world of SharePoint.  He blogs regularly at

Order your copy today!:

My disclaimer: While the book series is called “How to Do Everything”, don’t take that too seriously. It is a tongue-in-cheek title, along the lines of the “For dummies..” series. This is however a fantastic book for buying for your staff and anyone else who wants an entry level jump into the SharePoint 2013 pool.

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