Microsoft fans need to get fired up and enthusiastic

Love it, from last year but new (and same old story) to me:

Takeaway: Debra Littlejohn Shinder argues that it’s time for Microsoft’s fans to stop being afraid to show their enthusiasm and excitement in public.

I spent last week in Louisville at the TechRepublic Live 2011 event hosted by our friends here at TechRepublic. I learned a lot, including some interesting insights into how a lot of people “outside the fold” feel about Microsoft and Windows — and how they feel about other operating systems and software companies.

Because I work with and specialize in Microsoft technologies, many of the conferences and events I attend throughout the year — TechEd, MVP Summit, local TechNet events – – are sponsored by and/or focused on Microsoft. Others, such as Black Hat and Defcon, tend to have a strong anti-Microsoft aura about them (even though Microsoft is one of Black Hat’s many sponsors and almost always sends at least one or two speakers).

In the latter case, those few who are Microsoft advocates are generally busy playing defense, responding to the (sometimes valid, sometimes not) criticisms and comments about Windows’ quirks and flaws. In the former case, the use of Microsoft technologies is taken for granted, with most folks wanting to know the “how to” of deploying various scenarios. However, in both cases, it’s all too rare to see a whole lot of real all-out enthusiasm from the Microsoft fans. And I have to wonder why.

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