SharePoint 2013 Project Templates for Visual Studio 2012

While working with the SharePoint 2013 technical preview and Visual Studio 2012 RC, you may find yourself actually want to build some stuff. You install Visual Studio 2012 RC and then install SharePoint 2013, and expect there to be some relevant project templates available for you to develop against. Too bad, no SharePoint’y templates:

You will need to grab the SharePoint and Office project templates here:

Make sure to select the download appropriate to your Visual Studio 2012 version:

But.. after installing this you just get SharePoint 2010 templates..

You’ll need to now install the Web Platform Installer 4.0 (
After installation , Open it and search for “office”:

Select the “Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC” from the search result.
Add and install the selected component. During installation, it will install other supporting components also.

After installation, Install SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK from the following location:
You are now done and SharePoint 2013 project template should be available in the VS 2012:

Phew! That was a lot of work. Looks like Visual Studio 2012 is out in release as I write this, so here’s hoping the SharePoint jazz we need is already baked into that one.

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    • Hey John,

      Option 1
      This issue is very common when using Host Headers. Try adding your url to the Hosts file on your development server. The path is:
      Open the file using Notepad with Administrator rights add the IP and URL and then Visual Studio should connect to your SharePoint site.

      Option 2
      1. Add yourself as the shell admin
      $configDBName = “”
      $user = “domainusername”
      $db = Get-SPDatabase | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq $configDBName }
      Add-SPShellAdmin -Username $user -Database $db.ID

      2. Make sure you start Visual Studio as admin

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