PowerShell – Delete all “deleted” site collections in a web application

When you delete a site collection, it actually stays kicking around for a while, as explained at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chaks/archive/2011/06/30/sharepoint-2010-sp1-site-recycle-bin-ui-experience.aspx.

As I happened to have a lot of deleted site collections I wanted to permanently remove, I was not satisfied with having to manually grab the site collection ID’s and plunk them into the Remove-SPDeletedSite PowerShell command one-by-one.

So, below is the method to delete ALL the “deleted” site collections under a specified web application. In this case, the web application URL is http://sharepoint – replace with your own desired web app URL:

Get-SPDeletedSite -webapplication http://sharepoint | Remove-SPDeletedSite

You will be prompted to delete them one by one, if you want it to run through them all without further prompts just enter the letter “A”.

delete site collections, Get-SPDeletedSite, Remove-SPDeletedSite


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