Fire up VMWare Workstation Image on Boot

​As a dev it is frustrating that there is no option to automatically start the VM(s) at boot time.

This simple batch script can be created and saved to the Startup directory to accomplish the task. Please note that your PC must be setup for your ID to auto-login if you want the VM to start automatically after a power outage, for example.

This has been tested using VMware Workstation 8 on Windows 7 64-bit. In this example VMware Workstation is installed to “C:Program Files (x86)”, the VM is located in D:VMs, and the .vmx file of the particular image is what you need to look for.

Just open up Notepad or your favorite text editor, copy and paste the text below, modify it to fit your environment, and save it.

You can then either drag and drop it into your Startup folder (Start -> All Programs -> Startup) or create a shortcut and copy that over.

@echo off
“C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware Workstationvmrun.exe” -T ws start “D:VMsTestAPP-01TestAPP-01.vmx”

The task kill command can be used to automatically close the GUI window that opens. Add this line to the bottom of your batch file if you don’t want to close the GUI manually every time you reboot:

taskkill /IM vmware.exe

•The name of the batch file does not matter. You can call it anything but be sure that the extension is .bat
•Make sure that the command is on one line.

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