Author: Keith Tuomi

How to output the Office 365 Roadmap as a spreadsheet

If you want to stay on top of what’s coming soon for Office 365, the Office blog will be the source for major announcements, but you’ll also want to keep an eye on the Office 365 roadmap – which also covers Office Online and If the Office blog is going to cover a feature, the news will be there first, but smaller features may only be covered in the roadmap. A bit of a friction I’ve run into quite a bit, is that because there’s so much goodness in the pipeline that it’s kind of clunky to try and advise people as to what’s on deck, what’s been launched and everything in between – clearly some of the major new feature sets getting launched are pretty hard to miss as there will generally be a major post on the Office blogs about it. However, often the peripheral improvements are useful to have good optics on. Everyone loves tabular data, so let’s get this sucker into a spreadsheet so we can crunch the data easier! Due to the number of features in the mix, it’s kind of essential to get the info from those two sources into a spreadsheet to be able to crunch it and also track it in the long term (monitor for changes). I used a few Chrome Extensions, primarily “Data Scraper”, whipped up the XPath...

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Join the #CodeGeneration Movement

Building on Microsoft’s recent announcement to invest $75 million in community programs to increase access to computer science education for all youth worldwide, Microsoft Canada is launching the #codegeneration movement – to inspire Canadian youth (13 -18 year olds) to learn more about coding. #codegeneration will run from now until Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13).  Join the Movement! Help us spread the word and teach Canadian youth to create with technology. Anyone can code, it’s simple and easy. Coding Challenges: For the next five weeks, Microsoft will be issuing coding challenges at Students who complete these weekly challenges will have the chance to win points towards prizes while learning the basics of coding; and parents and teachers can find resources to help them lead students in these challenges themselves. “Hour of Code” Sessions: As a founding corporate supporter of, Microsoft is offering free Preparation Webinars with live chat for questions and answers on November 24 and December 1.  Ready to hold your own Hour of Code with your students – download your toolkit today and lead them through a Minecraft tutorial.  Or schedule a field trip to a local Microsoft Retail Stores during Computer Science Education Week to give young developers the opportunity to learn coding. For more info, please visit the In-Store event section at a store near you. Spread the word! Share this campaign...

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Power BI goes prime time

by James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Intelligence Products Group Today is an exciting milestone, as we release the new Power BI service and Power BI Desktop. When I first unveiled our GA date earlier this month, I emphasized the importance of the innovation we’re delivering, and how it leads to discovery and insight for our users. With the impressive list of the new features and capabilities, plus the advances in our Power BI service and the new Power BI Desktop, we already have plenty to talk about. But the news doesn’t stop there. We’re inviting you to disrupt the way you do business by bringing you this cloud-hosted, business intelligence and analytics service that connects to your data. We want you to experience the team’s mantra of, ‘five seconds to sign up, five minutes to wow!’ Part of this simple discovery is connecting to your data. We’re rolling our new content packs weekly – ensuring that business users can connect to and experience their data without technical setup. This means you can connect to your data in popular services like Quickbooks and Salesforce, and view a curated collection of dashboards and reports that continuously update with the latest data from these services. We also contributed our Power BI visualization framework and its complete library of visuals to the open source community to enable customers and partners to...

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Office 365 Custom App Launcher Tiles feature being deployed now

The ability to create custom tiles in your Office 365 tenancy has just been pushed to a much wider audience as of July 22. From In Office 365, you can quickly and easily get to your email, calendars, documents, and apps using the Office 365 app launcher (learn more). The tiles in the app launcher are those that have been promoted, or pinned, from the My apps Page (learn more). The My apps page includes all of the apps you get with Office 365 as well as custom apps that you add from the SharePoint Store or Azure AD. In addition to these, you can add your own custom tiles to the My apps page that point to SharePoint sites, external sites, legacy apps, and more. Once there, you can pin them to your app launcher and instruct your users to do the same. This makes it easy to find the relevant sites, apps, and resources to do your job. In the below example, a custom tile called “Contoso Portal” is used to access an organization’s primary SharePoint site. Tip   To perform these steps, you must be an administrator with access to the Office 365 admin center. Add a custom tile to the My apps page Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account. Select the app launcher icon and choose Admin. Choose Company Profile...

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Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 Roundup

Here is my presentation from last weeks Victoria Office 365 User Group in Victoria, BC. “Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Chicago last month was a huge event- 23,000+ attendees -and a lot of genuinely interesting technology news came out of it . I’ll share with you here my take on the big items of the event, flavoured through my lens of SharePoint/Office 365. The core concepts: Microsoft is taking a mobile-first, cloud-first approach with three top priorities: to usher in an era of more personal computing, to reshape work and productivity with enhanced products and processes, and to build trust in a reliable, extensible cloud service offering. What’s more, for us here in Canada, a lot of these announcements take on huge new relevance as Microsoft just announced on June 2 ( that they are opening data centers located on our soil. This opens up the doors to a Government and Private industry base that previously had been not able to leverage these services. I will talk a bit on the upcoming on premise version of SharePoint 2016, the latest in Office 365 (including Delve/Office Graph), and more. ” Speaker:  Keith Tuomi, FCV Interactive Duration: 30 minutes Audience: Business Professionals (Managers, Project Managers, etc.) Technical...

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